WOLF HUNT is headhunting company

We are your eyes and ears in the world of job opportunities.
The wolf is our symbol– as a hunter and a guardian.

We have a good nose for the fittest talents for your company. We search for and represent professionals in the field of IT, finances, HR, sales and marketing. We assiduously follow their footmarks.

We stand by the side of our candidates along the entire journey and we care for their job and career development. We respect life changes, which we help our clients to make. We do not avoid responsibility and we make sure that the key moments of this common journey bear in the same spirit.

The animal world and the human world have one thing in common. Only THE FITTEST and most adaptable succeed.

We know our territory well. Believe in our instincts and experience in hunting in the deep forest of the labor market. Brno and South Moravia is our home, but we are also hunting in Prague and across the Czech Republic. We have the trust of foreign clients who are looking for us for carefully cultivated relationships with their target group in these regions.

Whether you are a company searching for a new team member or if you do not want to miss on interesting opportunities and contacts, leave us your track. Thanks to our instincts and experience we will enjoy the whole hunting together.

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Who we are

Ondřej Havlíček

alpha wolf

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Ivar Mesenský

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“I very much appreciate great communication and also a weekly based reporting of activities.

I would say that until now, I do not know how, but you managed to change the mind of the successful candidate.

Thank you for your cooperation”

Koh Youseob

Senior Manager | Head of Business Innovation | Samsung Electronics Czech and Slovak (SECZ)

“Just like the wolf has a prominent position in human mythology and culture and is one of the most admired beasts in the world, the wolf pack led by Ivar and Ondra builds a similar reputation in the field of headhunting. Maximum flexibility and willingness, the ability to give a comprehensive overview of the candidates and a high level of professionalism – all this is the guarantee that brings results.”

Petr Krátký


“Well-developed instinct together with knowledge of an experienced hunter guarantees prompt and efficient work in finding and recruiting the best talents. In many cases, Wolf Hunt proved us that it is an elite recruitment partner. Furthermore, in case of backup projects, we have appreciated detailed reporting and outstanding care.”

Alena Krejčířová


“Working with the wolfs, who know the field, is always perfect. Our cooperation has been lasting for many years, and during that time we complemented our teams with amazing and capable colleagues in IT, business, administration and other positions here at ONIO, because the guys are good in orientation, overview and in estimation of the client’s needs. I am simply happy and I can heartfully recommend them.”

Tomáš Beroun


“At Wolf Hunt, they follow the latest trends and they know that things have to be done differently. A candidate is not just a commodity or a service, but rather a partner.”

Sylva Havířová

HR MANAGER | iXperta

“We have been cooperating with the owners of Wolf Hunt, Ondra and Ivar, successfully for four years.  They were our first supplier who recruited 180° differently, and I appreciate their courage to change the recruitment culture. These guys have true charisma and hunting with them is a fun and a way to success.”

Markéta Svobodová


“The Wolf Hunt’s services follow our recruitment strategy and take care of areas out of the scope of our company’s expertise. In today’s competition in the labor market, little details make the difference and Wolf Hunt is a reliable partner who, in the long run, strengthens the potential of our brand.”

Josef Képesi

CTO | Kiwi.com

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