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WOLF HUNT's distinct strength lies is their ability to very well identify truly fitting potential candidates and uncover talent that would typically remain inaccessible through our internal efforts.

We explored Executive Search service as an experiment, aiming to evaluate its value relative to our traditional in-house recruitment process. Based on initial market research, we clearly identified WOLF HUNT as a standout regional market leader and since the beginning, their approach was notably professional, modern and well structured. The most important outcome is that WOLF HUNT helped us to hire an exceptional Head of Design, who exceeded our expectations and is now playing a pivotal role in the advancement of our design team. WOLF HUNT’s distinct strength lies is their ability to very well identify truly fitting potential candidates and uncover talent that would typically remain inaccessible through our internal efforts. Thank you very much and I highly recommend your services to others as well.

Jan Koscelansky Chief Product Officer | Sudolabs

Thanks to the great support throughout the process, I will gladly contact WOLF HUNT again

From the first meeting to filling the position, working with WOLF HUNT was very pleasant and professional. I appreciated the good communication, regular updates and the quality of the recommended candidates.

Ivana Meiselová Europe Accounting Manager | Fastenal

There are not many similar companies in the Czech Republic that could compare with the level of service and expertise provided by WOLF HUNT

I really appreciate the work that WOLF HUNT has done for us. They helped us fill a Vice President level position and their expertise, contacts and dedication were invaluable. Like true wolves, they did not shy away from our challenging requirements and needs and very often added experience from previous similar projects. They provided excellent service, were always available, were not afraid to give their opinion and recommendations and handled the whole process seamlessly and surprisingly quickly. Throughout the process they were equal partners to all parties involved.

Kateřina Smrčková Chief People Officer | Codasip

We especially appreciate the commitment throughout the process, the proactive approach and the fast and reliable communication

WOLF HUNT has proven to be a reliable partner that we would definitely turn to again if we need help recruiting a senior role that deserves the care of headhunters.

Karin Milková Commercial Director | TrustPay

I positively rate not only the service and the result of the selection procedure, but also the candidate experience

Thanks to WOLF HUNT we were able to quickly fill the position of COO in our emerging board. They presented us with a quality portfolio of candidates, personally participated in all interviews, and communicated with them reliably throughout the process. At the same time, we also received very positive feedback from the winning candidate on the selection process, stating that she had never had a similar experience.

Vojtěch Pihrt Co-Founder | JetSoft

We were very pleased with their well communicated and professional process for candidate search

WOLF HUNT succeeded in attracting several highly qualified candidates for our COO position and we would certainly use WOLF HUNT our executive search needs in the future.

Richard Fetyko Founder&CEO | AltFins

As a candidate and a client, you simply feel part of the wolf pack

We often work with WOLF HUNT to find senior professional or managerial positions. The cooperation is conducted on a highly professional level and is a client-oriented accompaniment from the initial approach to the job offer and the final feedback. What I appreciate about WOLF HUNT is both the work commitment, the willingness to listen and empathize with the client’s company culture, the high level of candidate care and the proactive partnership approach with the client. I also appreciate their openness and fairness in their dealings. A perfectly crafted offer is a given, but even when things don’t go to plan there is always a willingness to look for new solutions and flexibly adjust the plan. As a candidate and client, you feel part of the wolf pack.

Renata Millerová HR Director CZ/SK/PL/HR/SRB | Thermofisher Scientific

The Wolves are really heavyweights in the talent hunt

With the wolf pack, I have already had an experience from the “hunted” talent side that led me to my current position at Kulina Group. In my client role, I then approached WOLF HUNT with an extremely specific assignment to find a key team member abroad. My fears about whether they could cover the overseas market were quickly allayed and I could hardly hide my surprise when they brought me a candidate who met my absurdly specific brief 100%. By being present throughout the entirety of the hunt, including the in-person interview and prompt communication on both sides, they effectively put themselves in the role of mediator between the candidate and the company which will greatly increase the likelihood of a successful close while finding win-win terms of entry.

Antonín Štětina CEO | Kulina Group

The whole time I felt as a client I felt very cared for...

We have worked with WOLF HUNT repeatedly on different types of positions, from specialists to top management. It was evident throughout that we were working with true professionals. I also see it as a great benefit that WOLF HUNT representatives personally participated in the interviews with us. The cooperation with them was at a highly professional level from start to finish, and entrusting ourselves in their hands not only saved us a lot of time, but also brought us the desired results.

Lenka Ježková Head of HR | NOTINO

The wolves surprised us pleasantly, their hunt was successful for us

We were pleasantly surprised by the wolves, their hunt was successful for us and we are convinced that we will definitely repeat our cooperation with them in the future. We initially included them in helping us select a strategic management position with not very high expectations, more because of their difference from most of their conservative competitors. However, they quickly earned our trust, throughout the hunt, communication with them was very smooth and in our subsequent work with them we appreciated not only the number of candidates they recommended for the position being filled, but more importantly their quality. We agreed in the leadership team that even the time spent with unselected candidates was certainly not wasted.

Petr Podaný HR and Administration Director | PKS Holding

A great partner for challenging times

With its fresh approach, WOLF HUNT proves that it’s always possible to challenge established standards and take them to the next level. Unconventional branding coupled with open communication, high levels of flexibility, commitment, goal orientation and efficiency have created an exceptional working environment that has naturally led to the successful filling of the sought after position. A great partner for challenging times. I can happily recommend and am already looking forward to the next hunt.

Peter Slavkovský Sales Director | STIEBEL ELTRON

What WOLF HUNT promises, it delivers

We started working with the WOLF HUNT team this year when we filled the senior position of HR Director. It was clear from the first meeting that I was meeting a well-knit team with a fresh brand. For me, a crucial aspect of a successful collaboration is trust and this is something that the WOLF HUNT team completely fulfils. Everything that was presented, promised and agreed was fulfilled without fail. I see a quality partner in the WOLF HUNT team and I can’t wait to see who else this pack will hunt for us!

Jan Čáp General Manager | MOOG

Wolves Ondřej and Ivar gained my confidence.

We worked with the WOLF HUNT team to fill two positions. I found the request for a WOLF HUNT member to attend the candidate interviews rather surprising, but we gave it a try, and it was a tremendous success – above all, it sped up and improved candidate feedback, which made it possible for us to clarify the hunt criteria at an early stage. Wolves Ondřej and Ivar gained my confidence, and I started treating them as advisers; we entrusted them with two more jobs and I literally cannot wait to work with them again.

Karel Zatloukal General Manager | Showmax

WOLF HUNT is a reliable partner who strengthens the potential of our brand.

The WOLF HUNT services follow our recruitment strategy and take care of areas out of the scope of our company’s expertise. In today’s competition in the labor market, little details make the difference and WOLF HUNT is a reliable partner who, in the long run, strengthens the potential of our brand.

Jozef Képesi CTO | Kiwi.com

Maximum flexibility and willingness, the ability to give a comprehensive overview of the candidates.

Just like the wolf has a prominent position in human mythology and culture and is one of the most admired beasts in the world, the wolf pack led by Ivar and Ondra builds a similar reputation in the field of headhunting. Maximum flexibility and willingness, the ability to give a comprehensive overview of the candidates and a high level of professionalism – all this is the guarantee that brings results.


Working with the boys from WOLF HUNT was an excellent experience.

Working with the boys from WOLF HUNT was an excellent experience. They very quickly understood the specifics of the position that we were looking to fill. They communicated openly during all stages of the project – identifying potential candidates, contacting them, responding to them, and planning and participating in a series of individual interviews. They knew where to look and who to approach, even though the position was highly specific. We obtained talents with the relevant knowledge and experience, while the personal participation of WOLF HUNT in negotiations with candidates was an added value for us. I would certainly work with them again!

Ondřej Šňupárek Chief of IT Development | Air Bank

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