The Wolf Code

We have a good nose for the fittest talents for your company. We search for and represent professionals in the field of IT, finances, HR, sales and marketing. We assiduously follow their footmarks.

We stand by the side of our candidates along the entire journey and we care for their job and career development. We respect life changes, which we help our clients to make. We do not avoid responsibility and we make sure that the key moments of this common journey bear in the same spirit.

We know our territory well. Believe in our instincts and experience in hunting in the deep forest of the labor market. Brno and South Moravia is our home, but we are also hunting in Prague and across the Czech Republic. We have the trust of foreign clients who are looking for us for carefully cultivated relationships with their target group in these regions.

The Wolf


We never give up at the first obstacles and we follow the tracks that seemingly end. We never lose sight of our target.

Headhunting combines craft and endurance together with enthusiasm, setting the successful hunters from the unsuccessful ones.


On our way towards the target we do not get discouraged by any obstacle, for us, any danger is a piece of cake.

He that is afraid of wounds must not come near a battle. And it applies even more in the world of recruitment. Knowing when to express oneself, trying a unique procedure and functioning in balance with personal values, these are the essential characteristics of a wolf.


We care for our clients even when not hunting.

A wolf is the career’s best friend. Regardless of when and how many times our paths cross each other, we are there for you – always ready to helpwith individual consultation or good advice.


If you have us by your side, you can be sure we hunt together.

Our ethics tells us to be absolutely transparent to all involved, guiding them towards the right decisions. That is the only way to build a long-term relationship.


We learn from both, successes and failures, with each year making us wiser by more than seven.

In recruitment, we have been through everythingand there is everything else to go through in the future. Our experience will help you increase your recruitment chances of survival.


Survival of the fittest tells us to come up with new ways of connecting you to those you are looking for.

New trends in recruitment go hand in hand with time tested practices that still apply. Instinct and wisdom constantly tell us to find new tracks towards success.


We build upon characteristics and take an original approach to each individual member of the pack.

We are a single group of individuals and each of us leaves our own and unmistakable trace behind our project.


Who else should you go to than to a creature that cannot speak? Your story is safe with us.

We listen to others and their needs on a daily basis. We are professionals and we keep information discreet and private.

We'll solve your recruitment needs

Leave your footprint.