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Petr Nehyba


I joined the constantly changing river of recruitment in 2011, and through work in an external agency, several stays abroad, and work in a multinational corporation, in August 2016 I entered the wolf’s den and became part of the pack of wolves from the very beginning.

I focus mainly on technical positions, but service and access is more important for me than specific specialisations.

It is a deciding factor for success at a time when the other players in the recruitment sector have access to similar tools and technical features.

I base my work on a long-term approach, on trust, and on maximising accurate information and support to make the right decisions. I am open towards my customers; I consider insight, quick negotiations and providing of as much information as possible as my greatest added values.
I follow developments on the job market and their changes in the broader context, and I continue to expand my overview of companies so that I can pass along this information.
All talented candidates and companies have something in common to me, which is being on the other end of the phone receiver right away.

Thanks to a combination of exclusive projects and the Deer Park platform, I can offer a wide-ranging and representative portfolio to those who are considering changing jobs.

So far I have helped arrange new job opportunities for dozens of talented candidates for two dozen companies, and I will be pleased to take care of others who express interest.

In my free time, I devote my attention to developments at home and abroad as well as to cultural events, and occasionally I return to Czech Canada, where I like to recharge.

When the snow falls and the white wind blows, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.

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