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Ivar Mesenský

Co-founder/alpha wolf

Do you have your headhunter?

We spend a vast majority of our lives in work and sooner or later we get to a point of understanding our strengths and our future potential.

I try to help my partners in defining their key competencies and to be there by their side during their significant life choices. I find the recruiter’s job to be highly individual and based on trust and openness on all sides. Concerning the fact that the vast majority of my contacts do not actively seek job opportunities, which makes them almost invisible to the labor market, I am always highly discreet. I am honored when my partners pick me as a contact point for consulting their career decisions. In my field, I am rather old-school, and I am convinced that close relationships cannot be replaced with even the most sophisticated technical solution. I believe that in contract recruitment there are no shortcuts, which could substitute for the long-term network which I have built in certain areas of specialization.

With my clients, I analyze not only the financial health of a company, fluctuation or stability, but I also learn the firm’s culture and personal policy in detail. My clients can be assured that when networking with target clients, I represent them as a well-informed ambassador of their company. In the imaginary war for talent, it is therefore often my service that can outbalance the results for the better “armed” company.

So do you have your headhunter already?

The lion and tiger might be stronger, but the wolf does not perform in circus.

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